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A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Placement at CSSPS



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Self-placement under CSSPS (Computerized School Selection and Placement System) refers to the process where students have the opportunity to choose and secure their preferred school placement. After the release of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) results, the CSSPS system assigns students to various senior high schools based on their academic performance.

However, the self-placement feature allows students to take an active role in the selection process. By logging into the CSSPS portal, students can enter their BECE Index Number and E-Voucher Code, access the self-placement module, and choose a school that aligns with their preferences and academic goals. This empowers students to have a say in their educational journey and ensures that they are placed in a school that suits their needs.

Step 1: Visit the CSSPS Portal

Navigate to the CSSPS portal to kickstart your self-placement journey. The portal is your gateway to a range of schools that match your academic profile.

Step 2: Access the Check Placement Module

Once on the portal, locate and select the “Check Placement” module on the left-hand side. This module is your entry point to the self-placement system.

Step 3: Enter Your BECE Index Number and E-Voucher Code

Provide your BECE Index Number (e.g., 100000000023) and the corresponding 12-digit E-Voucher Code. This information is crucial for the system to identify and authenticate your profile.

Step 4: Click on “Proceed”

After entering your details, click on “Proceed” to be redirected to the self-placement module. This step ensures that you are directed to the right platform for selecting your preferred schools.

Step 5: Choose Your Desired School

Upon successful redirection, you’ll be presented with a list of schools based on your academic aggregate. Carefully review and choose your desired school that aligns with your educational goals.

Step 6: Specify Residential Preference

Indicate whether you prefer Day or Boarding as your residential preference. This choice ensures that your school experience aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

Step 7: Select Your Programme

Choose your preferred academic program from the options provided. This step is crucial in shaping your educational path according to your interests and aspirations.

Step 8: Confirm and Print

After making all the necessary selections, take a moment to review your choices. Once satisfied, proceed to confirm your placement. Be mindful that once this process is complete, changes cannot be made.

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