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Worldremit VRS WorldRemit, BoG Draws The Line Between The Two



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The Bank of Ghana has drawn the line between “Worldremit” and “WorldRemit” as financial companies. Although the former is very popular on social media, the latter is recognized globally as a financial institution that is into the transfer of funds between two counties. Let us learn the difference between the two better. Read on.

The Bank of Ghana acknowledges that WorldRemit is a globally renowned Fintech as a business that provides international fund transfers, whereas the “Worldremit” with the small letter ‘r’ is a phony scheme. The bogus scheme encourages their unsuspecting customers to choose packages upon which a code is generated by the fraudsters which is used to hack the WhatsApp accounts of their victims for ingenuine purposes.

Additionally, the public are to take note that the two companies: “Worldremit” and “WorldRemit” are not the same. The Bank of Ghana has stated emphatically that no “Money Doubling” scheme like “Worldremit” has been licensed in Ghana.

BoG advises the public these

The Bank of Ghana has advised the public to cautious when dealing with online money doubling schemes like “Worldremit”. This comes after many Ghanaians have complained about being duped of unnamed amount by this fraudulent scheme operating in Ghana under a pseudo name “Worldremit”.

Despite this, the members of the public have been cautioned against patronizing unsanctioned schemes. Thus, the entire populace is advised to take the following guidelines: First, members of the public are to verify the license of any bank or financial institution from the BoG before depositing funds with them.

Also, through are to make deposits to banks that have been licensed by them (BoG) so that can protect you when there is any trouble. Lastly, the public is entreated to read from the BoG’s website on “Money Doubling” and “Card loading systems” to avoid being duped.

I suggest that anyone reading this post which be interested in protecting his WhatsApp account from being hacked. That is why is it important that you use the WhatsApp Two-verification. If you have not set yours yet, kindly do so because the hackers keep breaking into people’s WhatsApp accounts.

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