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Why Most Old People Are Lonely



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Loneliness and social isolation are two different things. Loneliness is not desired, but social isolation can be desired or unintended. If a person wishes to isolate himself or herself from a group of people, that person is not the same as one feeling lonely in his mind.

Sometimes too, people desire affection, support and care from others but do not get it. This could be as a result of their behavior, disorder, deformity or state of mind. Social Isolation and loneliness are linked together in the sense that, they both put the individual in a bad situation.

If one becomes lonely and or socially isolated from friends and loved ones for a long time, they become susceptible to health risks like depression, unhappiness, weak immune system leading to premature death.

It is normal to feel lonely or socially isolated. Sometimes especially in your youthful days. However, there are some groups of people within a certain age bracket who oftentimes go through this mental stress.
According to statistics, most people feel lonely or are socially isolated by the society within which they find themselves. Per the statistics, people in their 50s and above are most likely susceptible to being in these conditions.

The reasons are that, during that age, a lot of people lose their loved ones, become ill or even go through difficult times in life. The bad experiences and hardship in their life have a great influence on their personality. In Ghana, aged women are seen by many people as witches thus, they are left isolated from social gatherings, mistreated at home, hospital and even at church. It is high time Ghanaians acknowledge that, getting old is a blessing but not a curse.

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