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Why Men and Women  See Love Differently



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Love is a beautiful thing that was created by God. We know from the Bible that, God showed His love for mankind by allowing Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. Beside Christianity, many other religions preach and practise love.

In our dispensation however, the meaning of love has taken on a new definition- Many men and women view love in a materialistic way. That is, spending money on your girlfriend, buying her expensive gifts on special occasions and the rest.

Biologically speaking, men and women are not the same according to our physical and mental makeup,due to this, each of them view love differently.

Let us now dive into the main topic for discussion today, two reasons why men and women view love differently.

According to research, different processes are being used to evaluate the opposite gender during the early stage of love. For men, they use their eyes as the primary tool to evaluate women for any intimate encounter. On the contrary, women use memory to assess a man’s characteristics as a long term partner.

A woman would want to know more about a man before agreeing to marry him. Unlike men who are turned on by physical appearance, women check everything about men which goes beyond just the physical looks.

Additionally, when a man sees an attractive woman, two regions in his brain are activated, that is, one associated with visual stimuli and the other with pleasure . When these areas in a man’s brain are lit up, the researchers found out that, the man’s brains linked to making moral judgment also declines. This explains why a man will go every mile just to get the woman he desires.

I believe you have understood the reasons why men and women view love differently.

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