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What Will Make Phone Users Charge Their Phones Like In This Picture?



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I chanced upon these funny pictures of about a hundred (100) mobile phones being charged on different extension boards and I could not help but laugh upon seeing it. I know you might as well find this ridiculous and funny at the same time.

But the question one would be tempted to ask is that, what will cause mobile phone users to send their phones to a charging or power station for it to get charged? Then the answers began to drop one by one.

In the first place, I think when there is no power or electricity in a neighborhood or community for a long period of time, many people tend to look for other places where they can get electricity to charge their phones. In this 21st century, life is boring and almost impossible without our mobile phones being around us.

The place or person who is able to secure electricity whether by solar or power generator will eventually see many phone users thronging his abode for power thus, cause this situation.

Aside that, people will send their phones to a charging station if there was no power or electricity the previous day thus, when they go to work, they will send their low-battery phones for charging during working hours for a fee. Our market men and women are typical examples of this scenario.

I believe there may be other reasons why people will send their phones for charging. You can discuss this with your friends at your free time.

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