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What Happens When Your Partner Dumps You?



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Many people are afraid of falling in love because they have a feeling that their love for the person may not necessarily be reciprocal. Others who are already in a relationship fear losing their partner thus, try so hard to do anything possible just to please their partner in order to sustain the relationship.

It is often said that, if you are afraid of divorce, you will never get a good marriage. Although this does not form the basic tenets of Christianity, our fore fathers have got something to tell this generation. Love in the beginning is sweet, but the end they say is bitter. Sometimes, it is not your fault that your partner dumped you for another man. Sometimes too, you are the cause of it.

Recently, I watched a video of a lady who caught her boyfriend she had been in a serious relationship for two years, marrying another woman without her notice. How I wish you could see the reaction of the studio audience while the lady said that. The host of the show entreated the lady to rain curses on the ex for wasting her time. Perhaps, you did the same to your ex after breaking up with you.

Drs Fisher, Brown and Aron conducted a research to find out what happens when people get dumped by their partners. He showed images of their ex to them to find out what happens on the brain.The results showed that, the brain areas associated with physical pain, obsessive – compulsive behaviour, risk taking and controlling anger are all switched on.

Aside that, when you get dumped, these brain areas usually light up even more making you to become more attracted to your rejecting partner. This clearly explains why rejected partners are able to plan evil deeds towards their ex.

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