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Wedding Reception List Causes Mixed Reactions On Social Media



Wedding Reception List Causes Mixed Reactions On Social Media

A photo of a wedding reception which is in circulation on social media platforms is causing confusion online. According to the photo, the couple, Pamela and Olayide are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary.

The Nigerian couple decided to print all the names of the invited guests who will occupy the limited tables on a wedding banner for their perusal. In addition to that, They decided to include check your seat : on the banner to avoid any confusion at the reception.

The reception guests are grouped into two, three (3) VIP tables and 21 standard tables for the others. The names of individual guests are boldly written under the tables to avoid confusion. This also means, if your name is not found in the list, then you must return home with your wedding dress.

The picture has raised several concerns on social media. Many people after seeing the picture have expressed shock for such an occasion. Others also think it is high time potential couples began to organize their wedding reception in this manner.

Personally, I think it is not prudent for couples to restrict guests from attending their wedding. Your wedding day calls for celebration by the two of you and your family and friends. Thus, it is not necessary to limit your guests at the reception hall.

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