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We Charge Hundreds Of Ghana Cedis For Attending Your Wedding — Secret Billions Ladies



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Secret Billions Family is the name of a fraternity made up of hundred percent females, of which some and unemployed and others self-employed. They have branches in East Legon, Kumasi, Ashiaman and Koforidua. The family has hundreds of members and still growing. Speaking with Joy News, the leader of the family disclosed that they charge hundreds of Ghana cedis to attend your programme be it Christian weddings, Islamic weddings, parties and what have you.

Videos of the Secret Billions Family is fast-growing with giant viewership on social media, obtaining two hundred thousand (200k) views on Facebook alone. The club’s uniqueness stems from their funny jargon, huge numbers and dressings serving as a magnetic forcing capable of pulling the crowd to their client’s event. “Your programme will be different from the rest because of how we do. How we have been doing our thing. Just invite us.” She added.

The family, which began with only four members in Ashiaman, now boasts of a hundred and forty members in the Ashiaman branch alone. “We were just joking. We didn’t know a time will come (that) we will be in the news to be interviewed.” The leader revealed.

Concerning what influences their choice of dress, another member of the fraternity disclosed that their dress code is determined by the client. She said,“ when it’s wedding, sometimes they have been giving us (the type of) dress to wear. If it is a white wedding, you guys should put on white. We’ll put on the white.” She continued, “Sometimes, too, we send you pictures of the dressing you want to your wedding, and we’ll put it on for you. ”

The name Secret Billions Family is intended by members to motivate them to make more money. The membership of the group is open to any female fan out there. Some of their slogans include the following.

“If you know, we know.”

” “Your new level is our throwback.”

“John Mahama, enoaa ne flying guinea fowls.”

“The only thing better than money is more money.”

Watch a video of them below

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