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Ways in which your teacher’s License may be revoked



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A teacher’s license to teach may be revoked if it can be proven that he or she has exhibited incompetency, cruelty, immorality, drunkenness, neglect of duty or annulling of a written contract with the board of education. As in the statute dealing with the termination of a tenured teacher, the reasons for revocation of a teacher’s license have a very narrow interpretation.


Incompetency means that the teacher seriously hinders the instructional learning process. A chronic mental illness or sociopathic behavior that has been diagnosed by a psychiatrist are examples of incompetency that could result in revocation of a teacher’s license.


Cruelty refers not only to physical but also to mental or emotional abuse of children. The conditions that constitute cruelty may be summarized as follows: any act that is meant to injure or bring serious ridicule and embarrassment to a child is abusive and cruel.


Immorality is an extremely sensitive accusation. For practical considerations, this cause is commonly interpreted to mean that an individual has been convicted of a serious sexual offense or a crime involving moral turpitude.


Drunkenness as a cause for revocation of an individual’s license is usually interpreted to mean that the employee is either intoxicated or drinking alcoholic beverages while working. This case is further strengthened by the fact that drinking alcoholic beverages in a government building such as a school is a misdemeanor in the Ghana Education Service. A complicating factor is how drunkenness relates to the issue of alcoholism.

Neglect of duty

Neglect of duty presupposes that an employee has been informed about the responsibilities that are integral to his or her positions or in policy manuals (code of conduct for teachers). Neglect of duty as a cause for revoking a teacher’s license requires that the teacher be provided an opportunity to rectify his or her behavior.

Annulling of contract

Annulling of a written contract with the Ghana Education Service is an improperly worded statement in this statute. Annulment means that both parties have agreed to dissolution of the contract.

Revocation of a teacher’s license is usually irreversible, unless the statutory procedures were neglected or the evidence was faulty. It is an earnest matter that should be initiated only if the education or health and safety of children will be significantly jeopardized. The National Teaching Council (NTC) has released courses to be completed by teachers to renew their license, teacher’s license will not be renewed without completing the specified courses.

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