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Vital Information to Newly Recruited Teachers From Experienced Teachers



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Here are pieces of advice to newly recruited teachers in the Ghana Education Service (GES).

When I asked teachers what advice they have for newly recruited teachers, my post received numerous reactions from experienced teachers.

As a newly recruited teacher in the Ghana Education Service, you are most likely to make some mistakes which are mostly avoidable.

Most of these mistakes were made by those who have taught for more than five years in the service. Thus, the following are some shortlisted pieces of advice they gave to newly recruited teachers. Kindly to share others to help a colleague.

1. You’re there to teach and not to complain or gossip. Every school has its spirit, so do your best to be obedient and let others see you as their role model.

2. Never give the kids drugs, including painkillers when they’re not feeling well.
You might not know the blood group of that child and for that reason, you can be in a hot soup. All the best.

3. Always try as much as possible to live within your means. Take advantage of the Teacher’s Fund loans, cos their terms and conditions have always been excellent.

4. Invest more in the Teacher’s Fund by increasing your monthly contributions to the fund. This will help you in the future.
Good luck!

5. When posted to a remote area, go and make sure you stay there for sometimes to save money.

6. Live within your means and never entertain loans.

7. Upgrade yourself.
Serve God well and have faith in HIM.

8. Live within your means and never entertain loans. Upgrade yourself. Serve God well and have faith in HIM.

9. Please the male teachers try not to have any sexual relationships with the female learners if you love your life.

10. Have the code of conduct in always mind and the love for the profession.

11. Work and go home. You came alone.

12. Never ever entertain loans.

13. Get another source of income if you can.

14. Learn to close your zip this advice is for male Teachers.

15. If you have any chance of avoiding going to a typical primitive, uncivilized village, try to do so. It’s more than a punishment when you accept posting to such areas. Especially when you go to the top there;it’s like a hell on earth.

16. You’ll receive the same salary as your colleagues in the cities, where many business opportunities are readily available. You’ll be marking time while your mates are steadily progressing in life.

17. Marriage, further studies, other sources of income. Brother, arrange it to your suit your goals but strictly finish all these as soon as possible cox none will ever come cheap.

18. The girls in the community aren’t for him.

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