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Vital Information For UCC Sandwich Students



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The management of the University of Cape Coast has directed all Centre Coordinators of the sandwich programme to inform the student body about the off-campus teaching practice. From the institute, every student whether three or five (3/5) semesters is asked to fill the online form to be used for posting.

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The off-campus teaching practice forms part of the sandwich programme when you are promoted to level 400 or about to complete the degree course. This is compulsory for all students before completing the course.

The forms will be filled online, and it is in several parts. The first part is where you input your personal details about yourself and the course you study. For example, your name, email address, registration number and your major and minor subjects. Then you move to the next stage, which asks about your disability status.

The third part is about the school you prefer to do your ten weeks off-campus teaching practice. Students are to take note that the cost of accommodation and feeding will be borne by himself or herself. Furthermore, only schools in the regions and districts made available on the form will be considered for postings. Meanwhile, the University has the prerogative to post you to any school of their choice.

However, students who wish to teach in schools outside the main towns stated on the form will be permitted if they are four (4) or more. Any student who places himself/herself as the only student in a school outside the main towns stated on the form shall not be supervised. Fill the form here.

Please read thoroughly through the form before you start filling it. Once you are done, take your time to read through again to cross-check your details.

If you think you have committed some nanny errors, clear the form and start all over. Do not forget to spend few time filling it. You can clear it at the right bottom of the form.

On the Major and Minor subjects, 3 Semester students should state their major subject. About your minor subject, kindly inquire from your SRC reps or coordinators. Fill the form here.

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