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Use This Short Code To Check If Your Calls Are Being Forwarded



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Did you know that somebody could be eavesdropping your conversation? Yes, a third person could be listening to all the calls you make and gather vital information about you which could be used to steal your money.

According to Statistica, the number of mobile cellular subscriptions in Ghana is 40.9 million as of 2019. Unlike some years ago, the use of mobile phones in recent times is widely used by the majority of Ghanaians. Mobile phones have arguably become part and parcel of every Ghanaian in contemporary Ghana. The typical mobile phone user takes his phone to almost every place.

Conversely, the introduction of mobile money services help many Ghanaians to easily transact business on their mobile phones. This has also led to increased cyber fraud cases over time. Mobile money fraud has become very rampant in Ghana. As a result of this, it is important to be security conscious whiles using your mobile phone.

How to check if your calls are being forwarded

If your calls are forwarded to a certain telephone number, it means that your calls are being listened to by the number bearer. This is what you must do; dial *#62# on your mobile phone (on all networks). If you see “Not Forwarded” in all the items, it means none of them is being forwarded to a third person and vice versa.

How to erase “Forwarded” status

In case any of your items is forwarded, do this-dial ##62# or *#002# (on all networks) to delete the “Forwarded” status. WhatsApp us if you’ve got any challenge doing it. Furthermore, don’t forget to share to your friends and family.

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