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Update On Teachers’ Laptop



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The distribution of the much talked about TM1 laptops customized for teachers in the public schools is still in progress. Some regions have been able to draw a schedule to be used for the distribution. Others are yet to release theirs in that respect.

The latest update on the TM1 laptop is that, every teacher will be deducted five hundred and fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢550) which is 30% of the total cost of the laptop. This money will be deducted from the professional allowance, which will be paid by the end of November 2021.

Although it is evident that the majority of teachers have not received the laptops yet, the monies will be deducted regardless. What I mean is that if by the end of November 2021 you have gotten hold of your TM 1 laptop, your money will still be deducted from source at CAGD. But you will surely get it.


Another point that is worth noting is that, every teacher will be deducted for the laptop whether you like it or not. Meanwhile, if you do not care for it, a form will be made available for you to fill for refund of your 30% payment after the deduction has been effected.

I will personally entreat every teacher to accept the laptop without returning it for a refund. This is because the laptop has been specially customized for teachers and on top of it all, an Electronic Library has been uploaded to assist in teaching and learning of many subjects.

Although scores of teachers have made statements about the laptop that it is expensive and without a cooling fan, any evidence does not back their argument. The manufacturer of the TM1 laptops has explained that the laptop needs no cooling fan because it does not emit so much heat when working with it.

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