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Unplaced BECE Graduates to Gain Admission into SHS, Asked to Visit Nearest Education office

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The Ministry of Education launched an enrollment drive for all qualified BECE graduates who remain unplaced in senior high schools (SHS). The initiative, revealed by Greater Accra’s Regional Education Director, targets barriers faced by students, including those delayed by childbirth, to ensure inclusivity. Originally, out of the 600,900 candidates, 108,025 did not secure preferred placements. The Ministry now urges unplaced candidates to present their results at local education offices for assistance in securing admission. The campaign, which runs until the end of February, embodies the government’s commitment to equitable access to education and highlights the importance of not leaving any deserving student behind.

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In a recent development aimed at ensuring no qualified Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) graduate is left behind, the Ministry of Education has launched an enrolment drive to facilitate the admission of unplaced candidates into senior high schools (SHS).

This initiative extends to all qualified candidates, including those who have faced barriers such as childbirth, preventing them from immediate enrolment despite achieving commendable grades in the 2023 BECE.

Stephen Abamfo, the Greater Accra Regional Director of Education, revealed this affirmative step during an interview at the 84th-anniversary Speech and Prize-giving day of the Odorgonno Senior High School.

During the initial placement exercise, out of the 600,900 candidates who sat for the BECE, 585,797 were deemed eligible for placement. Regrettably, 108,025 candidates could not secure placement in their preferred schools, compelling them to resort to self-placement.

To address this gap, the Ministry of Education has directed education directors across regions, districts, and circuits to actively engage in an enrolment campaign. Mr. Abamfo underscored the importance of inclusivity, urging all unplaced candidates to visit their nearest education office with their BECE results for swift action.

Significantly, this initiative also caters to female candidates who had to put their education on hold due to childbirth. The open invitation extends to them, emphasizing the government’s commitment to ensuring every student has access to education.

Unplaced BECE graduates have until the end of February to seize this opportunity and secure admission into SHSs through the Ministry’s concerted efforts.

This proactive approach not only addresses the immediate challenge of unplaced candidates but also underscores the government’s dedication to equitable access to education for all. It sends a message of hope and inclusivity, ensuring that no deserving candidate is left behind in their pursuit of higher education.

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