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Twitter Praises Sam George, Trolls Kenyan Journalist For Being Gay



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Kenyan Journalist, Larry Madowo is being trolled on social media for not being on top of his job as an international broadcaster with CNN. The renowned journalist has been trolled for being gay because of the kind of silly questions he asked the Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram, Hon. Sam George.

From the interview, which is still going viral on social media platforms, many Ghanaians after watching the video have concluded that the CNN journalist could be gay. Unsurprisingly, the 34-year-old African journalist posted something on his Tweeter account which many Ghanaians have suspected him to be a gay.

He tweeted, “Declaring my gay status was my 43rd present”. Although the statement is not directly coming from the journalist, netizens have suspected him to be supporting the LGBTQ+. The CNN International Correspondent disgraced himself live on international TV in his interview with Sam George, popularly known on social media as “Gyata”.

Meanwhile, the outspoken MP and a crusader for anti-LGBTQ+ activism in has been hailed by the members of his constituency and the public at large for his display of intelligence and wisdom. In a heated discussion with Larry Madowo over the issue of LGBTQ+ in Ghana, the Prampram MP disputed much misinformation about his anti-LGBTQ+ Bill which he has put before Ghana’s Parliament pending debate.

The bill when passed will criminalize persons involved in the activities of LGBTQ+ in Ghana. Further, persons found guilty will be liable to pay an amount not less than 750 penalty units and not more than 1,500 penalty units or face a jail term of not less than 3 years and not more than 5 years imprisonment under Ghana’s second degree felony offence.

Why does it seem like the fight against LGBTQ+ in Ghana is being fought by Hon. Sam George alone? Why are most MPs silent about the topic?

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