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Twene Jonas Is Trending On Social Media And This Is Why



Twene Jonas has been trending on social media for more than 24 hours. He is currently trending number one on Twitter. The outspoken gentleman who lives and works abroad was heard in one of his videos insulting chiefs in Ghana who are engaged in galamsey.

The video was a reaction to what the Asantehene revealed in his statement that, there are many chiefs and top government officials who are busily engaged in galamsey in the country thus responsible for destroying our water bodies.

Twene Jonas recorded a video on the galamsey issue to rain insults on any chief including the Asantehene who has allowed galamsey activities to be carried out on his land.

In another video trending online, a certain man from the Ashanti region was seen invoking curses from a powerful god in the country on Twene Jonas for insulting the Asantehene.

Many social media users have expressed their thoughts on the issue. To some, the curses rained on Jonas will not work since the actual name of the god was not mentioned in the invocation. However, others have also warned the ‘Glass Nkoaa’ hit maker to be careful on the path he is currently threading.

Twene Jonas, also known as ‘Glass Nkoaa’ is a fast rising social media sensation who lives and works in the US. He is now famous because of the kind of videos he records. Videos of him comparing the living conditions in abroad and Ghana have attracted so many followers to him.


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