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3 Things Every Ashanti Man Will Never Miss In His Entire Life



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The Ashantis are largely found in the southern part of Ghana, in the Ashanti region to be precised. Kumasi is their capital and Kejetia is one of their most popular and largest markets in the region and the entire country.

Ashantis are popularly known for their craft and eloquence in terms of business transaction. You cannot mention Ashanti region and leave out their paramount King, Osei Tutu II, the Asantehene at the Manhyia Palace. He is one of the most respected and wealthiest Kings in Ghana and Africa at large.

When you go to Kumasi, it is not only the Twi speaking people that you will find there, in fact, the Ashanti region is one region with diverse ethic groups settling in different communities. That explains why there are many chiefs who represent their tribes in the region.

Even though the region is popularly known as the hub of Kente weaving of all designs, the Twi speaking and loving people have three things they never miss in their lifetime. Let us look at them.

1. His Fufu

Although many tribes eat fufu, this particular food is largely patronized by the Ashantis. You will be shocked to see the number of patrons at food joints and chop bars early in the morning queuing to enjoy their morning fufu for breakfast. When the Ashanti man says he has not eaten the whole day, do not be deceived, he means he has not eaten fufu the entire day.

2. His fan club

Asante Kotoko is the second favourite of the Ashanti man, in any day:whether rain or shine, his support and love for this team is unquenchable. This is why Baba Yara Sports stadium is always filled to the brim whenever Kotoko plays a game in Kumasi.

3. His King
Last but not least is the love for their king, Osei Tutu II, paramount King of the Ashanti Kingdom. Due to the rich culture, influence and wealth of their King, the Ashanti man never jokes with his king. The Asantehene sits on the ‘Sikadwa stool which is a symbol of riches and strength. Most Ashantis take pride in being a child of the Asantehene.

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