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3 Things Kids In the 90s Used To Do Whenever It Rained



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In the olden days, many of us alive today used to do certain activities that made us happy. Even though ICT tools were not common in many homes, life was never boring. In the nineties, kids were really playful. In school, at home and even at church, there was a feeling of love and friendship.

The adults were not left out, adults in the olden days played games like ‘Ludu’, ‘Oware’ and ‘Dame’ just to mention but a few. Life in the olden days was humane. One could walk to a friend’s house and will never wish to return home because your friend’s home is much like yours.

With the advancement in technology, it has paved the way for innovations and creativity. Many things have been modified. Life is easier under this dispensation. Now, by dialing a friend’s number on your mobile phone device, you can communicate with each other where ever you are and at any time. Additionally, social media and the internet were introduced to make the world a global village. Distance is no more an obstacle to socialization.

The sad news is that, social media has affected communication. Pride and arrogance have hindered us from chatting with our friends:you message your friends, and they readily chat you back, you comment on their status, and they go mute. We may be closer to our friends on social media but pride and arrogance have created a wide chasm between us.

The following are three things children in the nineties used to do any time it rained

1. Play football

Football was mostly played any time of the day except in the night. However, children in the nineties used to play special soccer whenever it rains in the day. This type of soccer was a mixture of girls and boys. There were no particular rules regarding this special soccer. Anything goes.

2. Swim in the pond
The second most common thing familiar to children who lived in the nineties was to swim in ponds. These children will throw themselves into any deep hole or waterways to swim with their clothes off, leaving only their underwear.

3. Go for crab hunting
Whenever it rains heavily during the day, the rain water enters the holes of the crabs thus, the latter moves out of its hole to dig another one. Knowing this, kids in the nineties would go out to hunt for them. On a lucky day, one could catch as many as twenty crabs walking on the bare land to sell.

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