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NABCO To End In Joy For All Eligible Trainees — NABTAG Prez



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Dennis Katakyie, the president of NABCO Trainees Association of Ghana (NABTAG) has reassured his members that the title ‘trainee’ will soon be a thing of the past because the programme shall end in joy for all eligible trainees.

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In a statement circulating online, Mr. Katakyie highlighted the many challenges facing his colleague NABCO trainees since its inception in 2018.

Delayed stipend

On the issue of delayed stipend paid to trainees, the outspoken president said that, “When the program was in its early stage, some of us understood the few challenges but not when almost three years now, and we still have issues of delayed stipends. Government must wake up on our stipends”.

In addition, he said, “We cannot perform our duties as nation builders with empty stomach. This is very unfortunate and very disappointing!!!”

Use of abusive words my some trainees

Mr. Katakyie noted that some members have been using foul words as a way of registering their displeasure to the government over unpaid stipends.

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In response to that, the president entreated members to remain calm as the use of abusive words, incitements and insults are not the best approach to register one’s displeasure.

Fake information

Mr. Katakyie said that, “With the current stage of the program, some trainees have taken advantage to give fake information, cooked posts and write all sorts of falsehood information, which create doubts. He urged his members to desist from such behaviours.

In his close remarks, the president encouraged all the members to be mindful of their attitude as the government is trying to make them permanent even though they are left with few months to exit the programme.


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