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CPD Reforms: NTC wants to steal our monies—Teachers fume

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teachers across the country are unhappy about NTC deducting monies from their PDA …..

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Teachers within the Ghana Education Service (GES) have expressed anger towards the national Teaching Council (NTC) accusing the latter of stealing their monies.

Following the release of the reforms made in the Continues Professional Development (CPD) for teachers, there have been countless discussions ongoing on social media platforms.

Popular among the topics is the part that the NTC will again deduct from teachers Professional Development Allowance (PDA) an amount of GHC 150.00 for 6 points under the National CPD day programme from the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) even before the money gets into their pockets.

This is the part that has angered numerous teachers, accusing the NTC of trying every means to steal from the PDA, which is paid every year since the NPP came into office in 2017.

Below are just a few of the remarks regarding the CPD reforms.

“Bogus sacrosanct stereotype NTC CPD points. I don’t need any points. For what?”

“This thing called NTC came to harm teachers instead of helping… Aaahh”

“God will punish them and their generation for robbing teachers all the time.”

“The stealing is too much oooooooo”

“Teachers must wake up against these corrupt leaders. How much is the salary koraa that you always find ways and means to take teachers’ monies.”

“I don’t blame them . The blame is on our so-called selfish executive”.

“They should continue cheating teachers. God will reward the cheaters in kind”.

“Teachers do their PLC if it’s not free, who takes the money?”

“This government is fair to the teachers. How much is the allowance for a teacher compared to their allowances, but still charging teachers?”

“That is why they are pushing this pLc thing fast, fast, in order to get a reason to deduct us. Our union leaders, our enemies!!”

The National Teaching Council (NTC) in a letter dated 10th August 2023 announced changes made in the organization of CPD programmes at the pre-tertiary education level.


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