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Teachers React To Affordable Housing Policy By Prez Nana Addo



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After the President’s speech delivered at the KNUST Hall in Kumasi during the 6th Quadrennial National Delegates Conference of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), teachers nationwide have reacted massively thereafter.

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There are more than two thousand comments recorded under the news content, which was first published by TV 3 Ghana on Facebook. As if that was not enough, other comments have been recorded under the same news item by other popular news portals, including Opera News Ghana.

In my estimation, more than three thousand comments have been made in relation to the affordable housing policy for teachers within 48 hours. This tells you that members of the chalk fraternity are really interested in the subject. This is not a surprise to some of us because building a house in any part of Ghana is very expensive and frustrating.

In this post, I will share with you the thoughts of teachers on this essential subject. Generally, there is a blend of reactions to the President’s speech. However, the majority of comments observed by Bricy Boateng indicate that the policy is not welcomed by teachers. In other words, teachers admit it is important to own their houses, yet the government cannot be trusted to fulfill that promise.

According to the comments observed on Facebook, the majority of teachers believe it is a political talk made by the first gentleman of the land. Many have tagged it “King Promise”(a term given to the President for making many promises). Additionally, some have also said that this is no news because they have heard it countless times. Meanwhile, a section have also welcomed the news thus, praising the President for such policy. What do you also make of the housing policy by the President? Check the comments below.

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