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Teachers Laptops To Replace Writing Of Lesson Notes- Presidency



The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, launched and handed over 350,000 laptops under the ‘One Teacher One Laptop’ programme at St. Mary’s SHS on September 3, 2021. The launch of the laptops is fulfillment of government’s pledge to equip Ghana’s teachers with the requisite ICT skills to prepare the next generation for the Fourth Industrial revolution.

According to information obtained from the Presidency, curriculum materials has already been installed onto the laptops, and thus the suggested lesson notes prepared by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) can be downloaded onto the laptops and used to end the burdensome task of writing lesson notes into notebooks.

This implies that teachers will no longer be required to write lesson notes into notebooks, as the tradition has always been. Thus, the distribution of the laptops will ease the burdensome on teachers when it comes to lesson notes preparation.

Conversely, teachers can now present the lessons notes uploaded on the laptops whenever their Circuit Supervisors or head teachers ask for it.

Laptops to be user for assessment

In addition to that, the laptops would also help in the field of assessment like filling of School-Based Assessment, report cards, cumulative records, and the building of learners’ individual portfolios.

The laptop is the personal property of the teacher

Although the teachers are paying 30% of the cost of the laptop whiles the government makes up the difference, it becomes the personal property of the teacher and serves the benefit of providing a tool for developing the teacher’s professional and personal capacity.

Every teacher to own a laptop

The 350,000 laptops will be distributed to every teacher in Ghana- from Kindergarten to the Senior High School level.

Educational materials found on the laptop

The laptop is preloaded with educational materials, with access to an E-Library equipped with books recommended by the GES on the various subjects.

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