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Teacher’s Laptop On Sale Hits Social Media. Check Out The Price



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While some people will be shocked to know that the customized Teacher’s Mate 1(TM1) laptop which is being distributed to teachers nationwide is being sold on social media, others are not.

This is because some teachers have already decided to bid the government’s sponsored laptop to the highest bidder. Well, there is nothing wrong with that because according to the policy on the laptop, it is the sole property of the individual teacher.

There is a picture of a laptop believed to be one of the laptops being distributed to teachers is offered for sale at a price. The funny thing in the picture is that the buyer of the laptop gets a free shoe in addition.

From a closer look at the picture, the laptop was packaged in a box with the inscriptions, “TM1” and “KA Technologies” in the upper-right corner and upper-left corner respectively. The price and specifications of the laptop was also mentioned in the chat between the seller and the buyer. The laptop is being sold for GH¢ 1,100 with a free shoe.

Comparing the laptops

If you look at the laptop below and the one above, it is evident that the two are the same. Furthermore, if you compare the specifications for the two, you will notice that they both have the same features. Conclusively, we can say that it is the original TM1 laptop that is being sold.

Why sell the laptop?

I would entreat teachers to keep the laptops without selling them off. This is because the laptop will go a long way to assist in the teaching and learning of many subjects.

Many teachers argue that the laptop is not from a well-known brand; thus it is not of good quality, just like the “Better Ghana” laptops. However, I believe KA Technologies have proven to be a trusted brand in the technology industry; the manufacturer has established a service station in Ghana to assist with any challenges teachers may encounter whiles using their laptop.

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