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Students Who Have Been Unfairly Treated By WAEC Are Left With No Option Than To Complain -EduWatch



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Students Who Have Been Unfairly Treated By WAEC Are Left With No Option Than To Complain -EduWatch

The African Education Watch (EduWatch) has declared that students who sit for final exams conducted by WAEC are left with no option than to complain to the same examination body for redress or resort to a court system which is inefficient.

EduWatch explained that, these are students who have been treated unfairly as a result of allegations of examination malpractices and delayed release of results.

According to EduWatch, It is a standard practice across the globe to have an independent body that receives & investigates public complaints against assessment bodies like WAEC.

Thus, the education think tank believes the same should be practised in Ghana in order to promote fairness and accountability.

The declaration made by the Africa Education Watch in their official socia media handle follows the release of the 2020 WASSCE report by them. The report highlighted two major incidents that characterized the 2020 WASSCE.

The first one had to do with the usual leakage of examination papers of almost all the subjects with the exception of Social Studies and Integrated Science.

The second one also had to do with the circulation of an Excel spreadsheet on social media where the names of about 1,500 WAEC examiners for the WASSCE 2020 was found.

WAEC later came out boldly to deny the leakage of the papers and is considering suing EduWatch over that.

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