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Simple Things Women Find Attractive In Men



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There are many things that women find attractive in men. This depends on many factors and from place to place. However women are mostly attracted to men who can and will do the following things listed below.

1. Women are attracted to men who will communicate

Communication involves speaking and listening to one another. Women are relatively talkative which means they want someone who can listen to their problems and even all the unnecessary things they have to say without interrupting her or being unconcerned. A man who patiently listens to a woman as she makes her points without getting bored or irritated wins the admiration of that woman.

2. Women are attracted to men who make them laugh

A man full of humour attracts many women to himself. What’s the secret? When a woman laughs,her brain instructs her body to release endorphins which give her warm tingling feeling. The woman interprets this to mean that a man who can see the lighter side of life will be good for her health, overall well-being and long term survival.

3. Women are attracted to men who can dance

The main purpose of dancing is to attract or draw attention to oneself. A male dancer will not be surprised to see many of her fans being women because of this reason.

4. Women are attracted to men who can cook

From time immemorial, men have been hunting for food and giving it to women to cook. However, a man who cooks for a woman stirs up primeval feelings in her. This is why taking a woman out for a dinner is such seductive event for her. I entreat the men to begin cooking for their lovers .

5. Women are attracted to men who make them feel secure.

Three main things women feel insecure about :their appearance, finances and whether they’re being loved. A man who complements a woman’s appearance, provides for her physical and emotional needs wins the admiration of that woman.

6. Women are attracted to men who likes children

The reason for this is that, most women like children and dream of becoming mothers sooner or later in life thus, they want their children to be loved, appreciated and played with by their father. If a man cannot play with children or dislikes being with children, that man loses the attraction of many women because he cannot be a good father to her children.

7. Women are attracted to men who are healthy

This is a top priority on the list of lots of women. If a man has poor health, he may die early or become incapacitated and this will put so much burden on the women. Additionally, he may transmit the disease to her or her children whether physically or genetically. Good health can be observed by a man’s physical condition, clear skin and high energy levels. Men are therefore entreated to live a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their future spouse too.


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