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SIM Re-registration :12 Things Every Ghanaian Should Know



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The sim re-registration exercise comes off on October 1,2021. Every Ghanaian is obliged by the National Communication Authority (NCA) to register their sim cards again. Here are some 12 basic things every phone user should know about the exercise.

1. What is this SIM re-registration exercise about?
Ans: it is a national exercise led by the Ministry of Communication and Digitalization and the
regulator, National Communication Authority (NCA) to register all SIM cards using the Ghana

2. Why do I have to re-register my SIM Card?
Ans: Because the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization has directed all subscribers in
Ghana to register their SIMs with the Ghana Card by the 31st of March 2022.

3. When does this exercise begin and end?
Ans: From 1st of October 2021 to 31st March, 2022.

4. I have already registered my SIM with my Ghana Card; do I have to register again?

Ans: Yes. This new registration process involves the verification of the Ghana Card as well as the capturing of your biometric information.

5. I need for this registration?

Ans: Your Ghana card and your digital residential address

6. How do I re-register my SIM card(s)?

Ans: Dial *404# and follow the prompt to link your Ghana card to your SIM number before you proceed to the MTN office or agent to have your biometric information (facials and fingerprints) captured.

7. Can I use any ID Card to re-register my SIM Card?

Ans: No, you can only register with the Ghana Card

8. I don’t have a Ghana Card. What do I do

Ans: Visit the nearest National Identification Authority (NIA) office to register your Ghana

9. Is there a limit to the number of sim cards I can register?

Ans: Yes, you can register a maximum of 10 SIMs across all networks.

10. What happens if I do not register my SIM(s) within the period of re-registration?

Ans: According to the Regulator (NCA), all SIMs which are not registered with the Ghana Card by 31st March 2022 will be deactivated.

11. What happens if I am out of the country within the period of re-registration?

Ans: The regulator is yet to provide clarity on how subscribers who are roaming or outside the country can participate in the process. Customers outside Ghana however, can use the USSD channel *404# to link their Ghana Cards to their SIMs in the meantime.

12. I am using a pre-registered SIM. Can I go ahead and register it in my name?

Ans: Yes, If you can show proof of ownership or answer authentication questions on the SIM
when an MTN staff calls you with 0244300000 or engages you on our digital channels.


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