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Security tips to practice in the house



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Living alone in a house comes with unique security considerations. Here are some tips to help ensure your safety:

  1. Install a security system: Consider installing a home security system with alarms, cameras, and motion sensors to deter potential intruders.
  2. Lock all doors and windows: Always lock your doors and windows, even when you’re at home. Use deadbolts for extra security.
  3. Peephole and door chain: Install a peephole to see who’s at your door before opening it. Use a door chain to partially open the door for safe communication.
  4. Outdoor lighting: Keep your property well-lit at night to deter trespassers. Motion-activated lights can be particularly effective.
  5. Reinforce entry points: Strengthen doors and windows with solid frames, reinforced glass, and quality locks.
  6. Secure sliding doors: Use a bar or rod in the track of sliding glass doors to prevent them from being forced open.
  7. Maintain your yard: Trim shrubs and bushes near windows to eliminate potential hiding spots.
  8. Be cautious with social media: Avoid posting about your whereabouts or daily routines on social media to prevent potential burglars from learning your schedule.
  9. Get to know your neighbors: Building good relationships with neighbors can create a strong sense of community and help keep an eye on each other’s homes.
  10. Emergency plan: Have an emergency plan in place, including contact information for neighbors, friends, and local authorities.
  11. Install a peephole and door chain: These simple additions to your front door can help you verify who is outside before fully opening the door.
  12. Reinforce sliding doors and windows: Install security bars or dowels to prevent these entry points from being easily forced open.
  13. Use timers: When you’re away, use timers for lights and even a TV or radio to create the illusion of someone being home.
  14. Avoid sharing personal information: Be cautious about sharing personal details with strangers, both in person and online.
  15. Have a phone nearby: Keep a phone within easy reach, even in the bedroom, in case you need to call for help in an emergency.
  16. Secure valuables: Invest in a small safe to store important documents and valuable items.
  17. Change locks when moving in: If you’ve just moved in, consider changing the locks to ensure you’re the only one with access.
  18. Be aware of solicitors: Don’t let strangers into your home, especially if you didn’t request their services or presence.
  19. Trust your instincts: If something feels off or suspicious, don’t hesitate to call the police or a trusted neighbor.

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