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Sammy Gyamfi Schools Dr. Bawumia On E-Passport



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The National Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi has criticized the Ghana card serving as an electronic passport for Ghanaians. This is based on what the Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Bawumia said about the Ghana Card recently at Ashesi University in Greater Accra.

The outspoken and young politician of the opposition NDC has said On Angel TV Morning show today that the Ghana card cannot serve as an E-Passport as being preached by the Vice president of Ghana. He said, “The Ghana card is not the same as an E-passport because you can only travel to a country which is visa-free. “He continued,“ If you are traveling to an ECOWAS country like Nigeria, you do not need a passport. Caribbean countries, you don’t need a Visa. It is Visa-free.”

Further, Sammy Gyamfi indicated that Ghana’s passport can also be used to travel to ECOWAS countries or Caribbean countries if one does not have the Ghana card. However, he explained that if you do not have a passport, you cannot travel to Europe, UK, US with your Ghana card. He said, “If you are traveling to Europe, you need an entry visa because there is no page to stamp entry visa (on the Ghana card) because that requires a passport which is a booklet, and that is not the E-passport we are talking about.”

Talking about what the Ghana card truly does, the spokesperson for the NDC said, “What Dr. Bamuwia has done is an identification document which is going to complement the Ghana card. It is for identification purposes only.” He added.

Dr. Bawumia gave a speech on how far Ghana’s economy has reached with the government’s digitalization agenda. The programme was held at Ashesi University in Greater Accra on November 2, 2021. This gave students of the university the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the Vice President’s delivery. It was there that Dr. Bawumia revealed that the Ghana card is going to serve as an E-passport.

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