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Non-Teaching Staff To Receive Allowance On This Date



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The non-teaching staff in the public senior high schools in the country are going to benefit from some form of remuneration in the form of allowance. The allowance, which hitherto was never paid to them right from the onset, will from this year include all non-teaching staff.

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The payment of the allowance has been necessitated through a negotiation entered into by the Teachers and Educational Workers’ Union (TEWU) and the government of Ghana.The Union leaders were able to push their members’ interest to the fore, thereby including their hardworking members in the payment of allowance.

The non-teaching staff in the public senior high schools to benefit from the remuneration includes kitchen staff, security men, laborers, Accounts Department and Administration. According to TEWU, these categories of workers are very hardworking and contribute immensely to the smooth running of the school, thus, deserve better treatment.

Although professional and unprofessional teachers in the pre-tertiary level receive professional allowances, no-teaching staff have been left out of the equation even though they were meant to receive their share. Unfortunately, that has not materialized.


Conversely, TEWU and the government are tight-lipped about how much money the non-teaching staff will receive. Nevertheless, the allowance will be paid every year in November 2021 together with their counterparts. Meanwhile, we cannot tell if the government will pay last year’s allowance plus the current year.Non-Teaching staff’s reactionWhen the news of professional development allowance broke in 2020, many teachers including the non-teaching staff received it with so much happiness. Unfortunately for the latter, they never received theirs when the money was paid.Fast-forward, when I published an article on the date for paying professional development allowance for 2021, I received comments from some non-teaching staff who revealed to me that they had never received any allowance. I believe they would be happy now because the government has agreed to pay them as well.

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