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Recruitment Wahala :Security Has Gone Beyond Height And Muscles — Johnnie Hughes



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Johnnie Hughes of Media General has spoken against the requirements used by the security services for disqualifying hundreds of applicants in the current recruitment process because of their physical outlook, particularly about their height and stretch marks.

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The outspoken host of TV3’s New Day said that security in this modem age has gone beyond height and muscles. His statement is in line with what Professor Vladimir Arko, a lecturer of the Ghana Armed Forces and Staff College, has preached over the years which bothers on disqualifying people based on height.

According to Johnnie, it is high time our security services select applicants based on their intellect and commitment instead of height and stretch marks. He backed his argument by showing pictures of security personnel from advanced countries who did not meet the minimum height recommended in Ghana’s security services.

Also, the media personality also revealed how some service personnel managed to get recruited into the services whereas they did not meet the height requirements. These officers are seen everyday in the streets t in uniforms brandishing weapons. Surprisingly, these are officers who came entered through the protocol list, he added.

The conversation about the security services selecting recruits based on height is being raised by many concerned citizens. Many have condemned the discrimination observed at the screening centres because abled men and women cannot serve their nation as a result of their natural height. Meanwhile, the security agencies have argued that height commands some level of confidence in them.

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The Ghana Immigration Service for instance disqualified a hundred of applicants because they did not meet the 1 m 73 cm and 1 m 63 cm requirement for males and females respectively. One lady, whiles shedding tears, revealed to Joy News reporter that she was disqualified because she had stretch marks.

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