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Recommended Sleeping Hours For All Age Groups



Did you know that lack of good sleep can lead to so many health problems? When I talk about good sleep, I mean sleeping for the right length of time be it nap or bedtime.

People who have good sleep at night become physically and mentally strong in the day. Good sleep helps your brain to function well. It is also a sign of living a quality life.

During sleep, your body is busily working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. Basically, health experts recommend that, the minimum sleeping time for adults should be eight (8) hours a day and a 30 minute maximum for a nap.

Having said that, different age groups require some level of sleep in order to grow and function well. Sleeping less than the required hours is termed sleep debt. For example, every adult is required to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours a day.

So, if you sleep for 6 hours each night, you are in sleep debt of 2 hours. Doing that for one week, your sleep debt accumulates to 14 hours of lost sleep. It is therefore needful to find time and regain your strength by sleeping more to reduce the sleep debt.

Now, let us look at the recommended sleep time for the following age groups.

1. Infants ( 4-12 months old )
12 – 16 hours of sleep a day including naps.

2. Children ( 1-2 years old )
Children under this age bracket require a minimum sleep of 11-14 hours a day including naps.

3. Children (3-5 years old )
Recommended sleep duration is 10-13 hours a day including naps.

4. Children (6-13 years old)
Minimum of 9-12 hours of daily sleep.

5. Teenagers (13-19 years old)
Sleeping duration of 8-10 hours a day including naps.

6. Adults (20+)
Minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep.

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