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Qualified Teacher Status Requirement



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If you are a teacher outside the United Kingdom and you want to secure employment in UK schools, then you will be required to produce a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) document. This is used to determine whether one qualifies to teach in schools in the UK or not. Below are the explanations to each requirement and how you can obtain it.

1. Proof of identity

You must provide one of the following:

passport (must not have expired)
birth certificate
national identity card that shows your date of birth and nationality (must not have expired)

2. You must hold a teaching qualification that’s equivalent to a UK ‘level 6’ or higher.

Check you hold a qualification that’s equivalent to or higher than a level 6

If that qualification is equivalent to level 6, but it is NOT a degree, you must also be able to provide evidence that you hold a separate degree.

We’ll need to understand the level to which your qualifications were focussed on developing practical teaching skills.

For any qualifications you submit, you’ll need to provide:

a certificate
a transcript (or diploma supplement)

3. Provide an approved English language certificate

If you cannot provide one of the documents described in 1,2 or 3, you’ll need a B2 level Secure English Language Test (SELT) from one of these approved providers:

IELTS SELT Consortium: we can accept

Language Cert: we can accept

Pearson: we can accept

PSI Services (UK) Ltd: we can accept

Trinity College, London: we can accept

The test must be awarded within the last 2 years before the date of your applicationa.

4. Proof that you’re recognized as a teacher, Hide

As your education department or authority has an online register of teachers, you’ll also need to provide any reference numbers we need to check your record.

4. Proof of work history, Hide

You need to show you’ve been employed as a teacher in a school for 1 UK school year (9 months of active teaching time) or more, since becoming recognized as a teacher.

You’ll need to provide the name and email address of a contact who can confirm that during your professional work experience you:

worked unsupervised with children aged between 5 and 16 years

we’re solely responsible for planning, preparing and delivering lessons to at least 4 students at a time

we’re solely responsible for assessing and reporting on the progress of those students

We’ll contact the references you’ve provided to verify your work history before we award QTS.

Source: UK Gov’t

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