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Posting Of Trained Teachers To Private Schools; Is It Feasible?



The Director-Generally of the National Schools Inspectorate Authority, Dr. Haggar Hilda Ampadu disclosed to Private schools heads that they are in negotiation with the Ministry of Education to consider posting trained teachers to private schools in the country.

The DG, speaking at the 27th National Conference of Private Schools held in Cape Coast, supported her argument by saying that Private school managers are faced with using about 50% of their resources which is mostly generated from school fees and feeding fees to run their school because of the outbreak of Covid-19. As if that was not enough, NaSIA is in talk with the Education Ministry to benefit from the supply of textbooks to private schools as well.

Come to think of it, is what the DG of NaSIA requesting achievable?

We live in a country where many public schools are understaffed: Go to many remote areas, and you will feel sorry for teachers. Teachers are forced to teach combined classes coupled with double workload because there are not enough teachers to handle individual classes. Is the government going to ignore the huge teacher deficit in the public sector, which has been canker since time immemorial and focus on the private sector?

Secondly, who is going to pay the trained teacher, should the Ghana Education Service consider posting them to private schools? If is it the government, then what is the use of the school fees being paid?

On the other hand, if the proprietor is the payer, can they pay the trained teacher the same salary paid to his colleagues in public schools? We live in a country where most private schools rob teachers by giving them peanuts as take home salary and, even worse, delay payment of their meager salary.

Thirdly, in the case where a teacher is seeking reposting to a new school in a new district or region, is he going to be reposted to a private school or public school? Let us assume it is a private school, who is going to the teacher his salary?

I believe the government has a role to play in creating an enabling environment for private businesses to thrive, especially private schools. One way the government can do this, is to supply textbooks to every school going Ghanaian child free of charge or at a subsidized price.

Furthermore, by making access to loan facility easy at a lower interest rate. However, private school managers are responsible for the effective running of their schools if they want to make abnormal profit.

I can give more examples which defeat the realization of trained teachers being posted to private schools by the GES. I believe NaSIA should come again on this matter.

– A concerned citizen.

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