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Over 500 Students Protest at Sefwi Wiawso Teacher Training College Over Academic Issues



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Over 500 final-year students at Sefwi Wiawso Teacher Training College have staged a large protest on campus, demanding solutions to various academic issues, including unresolved and incorrect results.

A total of 570 students participated in the demonstration, raising concerns such as delayed results, errors in the results that have been issued, incomplete academic records, and the absence of both a student portal and index numbers. These problems have significantly affected their academic progress and future career plans.

The students reported that despite multiple efforts to resolve these issues through official channels, the college authorities have not taken meaningful action, leading to their decision to protest.

One of the primary issues is the delayed release of academic results, which has left many students uncertain about their academic standing and eligibility for graduation. Additionally, the results that have been released contain inconsistencies and errors, causing further confusion and anxiety.

Another critical issue brought up by the protesters is the lack of a functional student portal. In an era where digital access to academic records and communication is standard, the absence of such a portal has made it difficult for students to track their academic progress and receive timely updates.

Furthermore, the non-issuance of index numbers has added to the students’ difficulties, making it challenging for them to properly identify themselves within the academic system.

Dr. Emmanuel Carsamar, the Principal of the college, received the students’ petition and assured them that their concerns would be addressed as soon as possible.

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