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Organised Labour rejects Gov’t COLA Proposal

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Organised labour rejects COLA proposal from the gov’t because….

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Organised Labour has raised its voice against the government’s proposal to introduce a Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) in the upcoming salary negotiations for public sector employees.

The concept of COLA, designed to offer interim relief when immediate salary adjustments are unfeasible, has not found favor with Organised Labour.

They argue that it would have limited impact on pension disbursements and other associated benefits.

Mr. Joshua Ansah, Deputy General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), reiterated their position, asserting that they are advocating for substantial salary increments instead of settling for a mere COLA.

Addressing the media, Mr. Ansah emphasized, “Choosing COLA would not be in our best interest as it doesn’t affect our pensions or overall earnings. Our priority is to secure fair compensation for our rightful efforts. Additionally, if the government involves the IMF, it should safeguard our national minimum wage from any adverse implications.”

In a separate development, Organised Labour has rejected a monetary compensation offer from Sun on Asogli Power Limited, advocating for the reinstatement of dismissed local union executives from the Ghana Mine workers Union of TUC.

Despite Sunon Asogli’s proposal to provide GH¢1.2 million as compensation, Organised Labour remains steadfast in their demand for the reinstatement of the union leaders. Mr. Ansah clarified it, “We are not seeking to monetize our rights; our struggle revolves around upholding the fundamental principles of workers.”

Expressing dissatisfaction with Sunon Asogli’s decision to not reinstate the union leaders, Mr. Ansah described the company’s stance as “misguided.” He asserted, “We firmly believe that the termination of these leaders was unjust, and we strongly advocate for their reinstatement.”

Mr. Ansah reaffirmed Organised Labour’s unwavering commitment to pursuing the reinstatement of the union leaders until a fair resolution is reached. This underscores the labour movement’s dedication to upholding workers’ rights and ensuring justice in their dealings with employers.


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