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One Food Different Nicknames



Ghanaians use the time of the day to decide which type of food to eat. As many people would like their hot tea in the morning, others also prefer hot kenkey with fish in the morning.

Normally, many Ghanaians take in light food in the morning and then the heavy ones in the afternoon.

In the olden days, prior to colonization, there were many food recipes enjoyed by the Gold Coasters. Some of these foods, we were privileged to eat them, others too, we did not see our parents eating them.

It is not known why some foods have been given so many funny names, but I guess our fore fathers will be the right people to explain why we got all these funny names. One of such foods is Kokonte.

This food has been given so many funny names in Ghana. It is like every community and how they call it. So, when you visit your friend’s place, ask him or her what they call it so that you don’t get lost.

It is unknown why it has been given so many names, but I guess it is because of how it looks, feels and tastes.

This food is so eaten by the Akans, Gas and the Ewes. In the olden days, Kokonte was popularly eaten by the low class in the community.

Some believe one of the reasons why it is called face the wall is this particular reason.

Kokonte is prepared by boiling cassava flour in hot water and stirring it in a fast manner. It is mostly eaten with groundnut soup or palm nut soup.

In Ghana, most people replace this food with fufu in the absence of the latter. The funny names of kokonte include the following.

1. Abeteye

2. Chris Brown

3. Face the wall.

4. Opolacha

And the name goes on. How do you also call it in your community?

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