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No Short Code Needed To Register For The Laptop, This Is Why



There has been a short code circulating on social media platforms to be used by teachers to register for the laptops.The Vice President of the Republic launched the “One Teacher One Laptop” Project yesterday on September 3,2021, at St. Mary’s Senior High school.

The purpose of the short code

Information reaching us indicated that the short code – *790*555# was an announcement given to only teachers teaching in St. Mary SHS for them to receive their laptops at the venue.

Thus, teachers are urged to remain calm since their data has been sent to the education office to be used for the distribution.The code is currently unavailable to teachers due to the reason for its creation. So if you dial it, the response is that the service is currently unavailable.

Purpose of the laptop

The distribution of the laptop is in fulfillment of the government’s pledge to equip the Ghanaian teacher with the requisite ICT skills to prepare the next generation for the Fourth Industrial revolution.

Thus, the distribution of the laptops help in the effective teaching and learning which is critical to developing the human capacity for work, innovation, and creativity; necessary ingredients for capacity building.

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