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Newly Formed Teacher Union Promises To Give Freebies To Members



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Teachers Forum Ghana (TF-G) was established in late 2021 under the labour laws of Ghana, making it a legal teacher association with national executives and members scattered across the length and breadth of the country.

The Infant teacher union has their vision and mission boldly written in their books and their objectives vividly stipulated. TF-G becomes the sixth teacher union at the pre-tertiary education level, which spreads from Kindergarten to senior high schools.

The association has penned down numerous benefits to members. One of them is the supply of free cloths and T-shirts to members on a regular basis. According to a document sighted on social media, members will be given free T-shirts every year as well as be given free cloth every three years.

Contrary to other well-known teacher unions in the country, the newly formed association has promised to give loans to members at 2% every year, the least among the rest, although some doubt its implementation.

Ever since Bricy Boateng broke the news on the newly created teacher union in Ghana, many teachers have reacted to it- The general impression given is that teachers are being siphoned by the formation of teacher unions for the benefit of the leaders whiles members wallow impoverished. Aside that, the presence of many teacher unions rather weakens the strength of teachers in terms of representing members of the talk fraternity at government’s negotiation table.

The way forward
The growing trend of teacher unions at the pre-tertiary level is a subject that needs to be addressed. In the wake of poor conditions of service for teachers, lack of textbooks, salary, and promotion arrears among others, this is not the right time to read about the formation of teacher unions ad so forth.

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