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New Association Emerges for Non-Teaching Staff within Ghana Education Service



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A noteworthy development has unfolded within the Ghana Education Service (GES) as a faction of employees has opted to break away from the Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU) to establish a distinct association. According to a report by Apexnewsgh, the newly formed Association of Non-Teaching Staff, comprising over 3,000 members, is seeking official recognition from both the GES and the government to effectively advocate for the unique needs of its constituents.

The decision to form this new association stemmed from a perceived void in representation at the tertiary level, prompting the desire to create an independent platform dedicated solely to the welfare and advocacy of non-teaching staff. Daniel Mensah, the general secretary of the nascent association, elucidated, “We have observed that TEWU primarily focuses on the tertiary level, and we felt the need to carve out our niche within the education sector.”

The Association of Non-Teaching Staff endeavors to ensure that the voices and concerns of its members resonate with the government and relevant authorities. Mensah emphasized, “By establishing this association, we aim to ensure that the voices and concerns of non-teaching staff are heard and understood by the government and relevant authorities,” firmly asserting the association’s permanence within the GES framework.

The group aims to actively collaborate with the GES and governmental bodies to address issues pertaining to employment conditions, career advancement, and overall welfare.

This development heralds a significant transition in the representation of non-teaching staff within the GES. It will be intriguing to observe the impact of this new association on the education sector in Ghana.

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