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Netherland is Calling All African & Asian Citizens



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7 full scholarships to Apply for 2024

Study in the Netherlands For Free at the university of Groningen.

Tuition fee covered
Insurance covered
The university will help you to apply for your resident permit.
Flight covered


How to apply:
Apply for Admission first, (Starts 2nd October) set notification.

Mention on your SOP that you want to be considered for this scholarship.

Provide all evidence and requested documents. Once you are nominated, you can go ahead and apply for a scholarship.

2nd Scholarship:
African Scholarship Program:…(ASP,support%20capacity%20building%20in%20Africa.

3rd Scholarship
VU Amsterdam Scholarship 2024

4th Scholarship
Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (LexS) 2024

5th Scholarship
Utrecht University Scholarships for International Students 2024

6th Scholarship
TU Delft University Scholarship 2024…

7th Scholarship
Radboud University Scholarship 2024

The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is a country located in Northwestern Europe. Here are some key facts about the Netherlands:

1. Geography: The Netherlands is known for its flat landscape, with approximately a quarter of the country situated below sea level. It is famous for its extensive system of canals, rivers, and lakes.

2. Capital and Major Cities: Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands. Other major cities include Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht.

3. Government: The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system. It has a royal family, with King Willem-Alexander as the reigning monarch.

4. Language: Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands. English is widely spoken and understood, making it accessible to many international visitors.

5. Economy: The Netherlands has a strong and diverse economy, with a focus on international trade, agriculture, technology, and financial services. It is known for its port city of Rotterdam, one of the largest in the world.

6. Culture: The Netherlands has a rich cultural heritage, including famous painters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh. It is also known for its contributions to architecture and design.

7. Tulips: The country is famous for its tulip fields, and tulip cultivation is an iconic part of Dutch culture. Keukenhof Gardens is a popular destination to view these colorful flowers.

8. Windmills: Traditional Dutch windmills are a symbol of the country. They were historically used for various purposes, including grinding grain and pumping water.

9. Cycling: The Netherlands is one of the most bike-friendly countries in the world, with an extensive network of cycling paths and a strong cycling culture.

10. European Union: The Netherlands is a member of the European Union (EU) and uses the Euro (EUR) as its currency.

11. Education and Healthcare: The Netherlands is known for its high-quality education and healthcare systems, offering universal coverage to its residents.

12. Tolerance: The Netherlands is known for its progressive social policies, including the early adoption of same-sex marriage and a generally tolerant attitude towards diversity.

These are just some highlights about the Netherlands. It’s a country with a rich history, vibrant culture, and a high standard of living.

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