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3 Most Favourite Soups Liked By Most Ghanaians



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In Ghana, most households enjoy foods that go with soup. This is no surprise because the majority of Ghanaians follow the footsteps of their ancestors. Long ago, eating rice was not common in Ghana, however, rice was a special food eaten on special occasions like on Christmas day, baby christening and traditional weddings.

Before colonization, only the rich and their family get to enjoy rice often times. So, growing up as a kid from a humble home in a remote village, I was happy any time it was Christmas, because I will get to enjoy my rice and chicken.

Although many Ghanaian households get the opportunity to eat rice on every other day, our mothers, fathers, aunties and uncles still want their foods to be served with soup be it rice or ‘apesi’. Let us look at the three most common soups prepared and enjoyed in most households in the 21st century.

1. Palm nut soup

One of the most prepared soups in very home is palm nut soup. Because any type of soup matches with any solid food you can think of, it is so enjoyed and liked by many people. Preparing it might seem difficult, but the benefits override its tedious preparation and saves you lots of cash.

2. Light soup

It is the easiest soup to prepare by everyone. Light soup comes in different recipes depending on what meat you used to prepare it. Light soup is commonly prescribed by doctors to their patients because of the numerous nutrients. Arguably, light soup is best eaten with fufu.

3. Groundnut soup

The third most subscribed soup in Ghana. This soup is easy to prepare and saves you a lot of money because it can be eaten with a variety of solid foods like fufu, banku, rice balls and kokonte. Although some people believe the groundnut oil is harmful, Ghanaians still prefer it to other soups.

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