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Man Who Lives And Plays With Tigers, Lions Causes Mixed Feelings On Social Media



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Wonders our elders say shall never end;what is unimaginable by many people have become a reality. We all know there are many animals that human beings can not have as pets because they are dangerous, but no everyone believes so too.

The common animals many people feel safe keeping as pet include cat, mouse, dog, birds like parrot and the likes. These animals are safe because they are tamable. On the contrary, a man has done the unthinkable.

Kody Antle, his Twitter name, has been brave enough to raise a tiger and lion from their infancy to adulthood. Strangely, he is able to have fun with them without being hurt by them.Kody is also able to swim with them, lay on the back of the lions and even carry the lions on his back without the animals going angry or being irritated.

It is surprising how this young man is able to do all that with one of the most dangerous animals to come across in the forest or zoo.

Kody posted a picture of him and his lion and tiger when they were babies versus their adulthood on his Twitter page and many netizens have expressed their thoughts.

A lot of the comment suggest that, Kody could be at a high risk of being eaten by these wild animals because they can never be friendly to humans according to their genetic makeup.

Others are also cautioning him to be careful since these animals are threats to his life.Read some comments below

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