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Man Gets Buried In His Mercedes Benz



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Wonders they say shall never end. Although this might sound crazy and materialistic, the unimaginable has happened again. A man named Tshekedi Pitso, a South African, has had his last wish before dying come true.

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The deceased, who doubled as politician and businessman, was madly in love with his Mercedes-Benz so much that he wished being buried in it upon his death.

Luckily for the deceased, his family decided to honour his wish by burying him in his much loved Benz. The South African family dug a big grave contrary to the usual 6 feet grave for their beloved son. The late was dressed and seated on the driver’s side of the car as they sorrowfully usher him into his grave.

The picture has caused mixed reactions on social media. Many social media users have applauded the family of the deceased for honouring the wish of their beloved. Others also think that it is crazy and vain for the family to do that because the car together with the body will get rotten quickly in the earth.

Surprisingly, others are also asking of the location of the man because they are likely to go and remove the car from the dead man’s grave.

Source : @Africa Story Live

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