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Man Allegedly Sets Family House Ablaze Because He Was To Relocate



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Salifu, as many people call him, decided to set his family house ablaze because his family elder known in Akan language as Abusuapanyin had told him to move out of the place together with other tenants in the house for the house to be renovated.

According to an eyewitness by name Ama Berman, she reported that Salifu who is believed to be 32 years of age set fire into his family house located in Agona Bipoa in the Ashanti region. Several household items got burnt as a result. However, it took the timely interventions of the Ghana National Fire Service who were able to quench the fire and salvaged valuable household items from the fire.

No casualty was reported. She described the fire as not being intense, else who have caused more damages. The culprit has, however, been arrested by the Agona Police Division and currently in police custody.

The ex-convict decided to put the whole house on fire because he explained that he had planted crops like plantain on the compound and thus needed to enjoy it, thereby insisting that he stayed in the house. The uncompleted building which has not been electrified was to be renovated by the family to look better.

The culprit was oftentimes heard by his neighbors saying he would go back to prison because that is where he came from, and assuredly he has achieved his goal.

Ama also revealed that Salifu is believed by many to have a psychological problem because of some statements he has been making after he came back from prison some time ago.

These are some of the reasons why I think ex-convicts should be examined psychologically and given counseling before are released to reunite with relatives and members of the public. Imagine the number of people out there who are like Salifu if indeed he has a mental disorder. The danger they pose to innocent people out there. On the other hand, families must also love, respect and accept people who have served jail terms because they are part of us.

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