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Latest Update On TM1 Laptop



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The Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Bawumia said that 350,000 pieces of laptops will be distributed to teachers in the basic and second cycle levels of education. The Vice President said this at the launch of the “One Teacher One Laptop” project in September 2021.

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Indeed, pictures sighted on social media platforms testify that some teachers have received the laptop. This proves that indeed what Dr. Bawumia said is true. Distribution of the TM1 laptop by KIA Technologies is ongoing in many districts and regions across the country. A short code has even been generated to make the distribution process easy.

However, information gathered by Bricy Boateng reveals that only 280,000 laptops will be distributed and the rest to follow later. According to a letter sighted, the Ghana Education Service revealed that the 30% cost borne by the teacher should be deducted from source at Controller and Accountant General’s Department (GAGD) and the money deposited into the Ghana Education Service Occupational Pension Scheme (GESOPS) account to pay for 280,000 laptops.

Additionally, an interest yielding escrow account should be opened, and the money deposited into it. Because there are 280,000 laptops to be paid for initially, the amount of money deducted will be in excess; thus the remaining amount should be deposed into the same account.

To simplify it further, GESOPS is going to receive money deducted from 350,000 teachers in the name of paying the cost of the laptop. But only 280,000 teachers will get the laptops. This means that although the rest have paid, they will not get the laptop initially. That is why an interesting yielding escrow account is needed to deposit the rest of the money into it. Later, when the remaining laptops are delivered, they will be paid for from the same account.

“You are expected to pay out the amount relating to 280,000 pieces of laptops and open an interest yielding escrow account and pay the remainder into same.” It mentioned.

The letter did not disclose when the rest of the laptops will be delivered or procured. This means that not all teachers will receive the laptop initially, even though all have been deducted GHC 509. 00 from the Continuous Professional Allowance this year.

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