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Important Notice To All UCC Sandwich Students



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The management of the university of Cape Coast wishes to bring to the notice of all sandwich students who are studying in the various study centres across the country that, due to the change in the academic calendar for basic schools, teachers in the junior high level are running a semester-based calendar which is different from those in the primary.

As a result of this, their colleagues in the primary level are on vacation whereas they are still in school teaching.

Thus, all teachers teaching in the public junior high schools and who happen to be students of the newly introduced one year top-up programme as well as the four(4) and five(5) semester of the university of Cape Coast are to write an official letter to their District Director of Education seeking for permission to absent themselves from school.

This directive has become necessary since they will be reporting to their various study centres on 22nd August 2021 for face-to-face interaction whiles school is in session. So, in order to attend the lectures, permission should be sought from the Education Directorate.

The length of the face-to-face tuition is fourteen (14) days, equivalent to two (2) weeks thus, it is the Director who can permit any teacher that length of days and not the headteacher. Teachers who are already enjoying the vacation holidays are exempted from this directive. Please treat this message as urgent.

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