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How To Create An Account On GESOPS Portal



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The Ghana Education Service Occupational Pension Scheme is the fund manager of teachers’ Tier-2 pension contribution. On your payslip, Controller deducts 5% of your gross salary as your Tier-2 contribution. The employer which is the government also pays Tier-1 and adds that tier — 2 every month.

The GESOPS online platform comes with many benefits to the contributor (teacher). With the GESOP online platform, teachers can do the following; make a claim from their contribution, check how much they have contributed over the past years, check statements, view beneficiaries and check number of claims. Here is how to create your account on the portal.

What you need to do first

Before we get started, go and get your SSNIT card and Staff ID ready. These will be the only required information you will be asked to provide for a successful registration.

Step 1
Click on the link to open. Thereafter,, click on “Create One” at the bottom middle. Click here.

Step 2
Provide your staff ID and SSNIT number and click on “Submit”.

Step 3
The next page will display some vital information about you like your name, date of birth, SSNIT number, base number among others.

Read thoroughly through them to verify the information. Once everything is accurate, click on“ Next”.


Step 4
Enter your email and password and tick the “I Agree with site terms” box below it and click on “Register”. Your dashboard will then open.

Step 5
Once you are done, do not forget to sign out. You can locate it in the top right corner of the page. Because you can forget your password easily, I advise you click “Remember Me” before you sign in. Kindly share.

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