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How Parents Can Help Their Teenagers Overcome Depression



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Depression among teenagers is a mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in their daily life.

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Some causes of depression include a combination of biological, psychological and social sources of distress.

Out of depression, many teenagers have become drug addicts, smokers, drunkards and others involved in countless social vices. We live in an era of social and digital media that promote fake life, quick money making avenues, fraud and on top of that, nudity.

These things go deeper into the minds of many teenagers and influence them to pursue such lifestyles in order to be accepted in the society.

We hear in the news of teenagers involved in serious crimes, murder and bad sexual habits due to depression. Teenage depression is a national conversation that needs to be discussed.

But as parents and stakeholders, we can do the following to help our teenagers overcome this canker.

1. Provide strong social and emotional support
Teenagers sometimes go through a lot emotionally and socially. From changing friendships, romantic relationships going bad, academics stress and failure to gain admissions can make them emotionally weak. As parents, this is the right time to support them emotionally and socially to get them through their challenges in life.

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2. Parents must provide warmth and support
Nowadays, many parents have become workaholics and barely find time to be with their children. They leave home at dawn and come back late at night.

Research shows that, teenagers who receive more parental support have lower depression symptoms and lower cortisol. It is therefore necessary that parents show love, warmth, care and support to their teenagers to relieve them from depression.

3. Motivate your child to seek a purposeful life.
Parents are the first role models their children look after. As teens put lots of effort into excelling at schoolwork and after school activities, it is important that these activities have some personal meaning for them. Parents can encourage and guide them to pursue their preferred courses in high school and at the university.

4. Encourage positive peer relationships
Every teenager wants approval from his or her peers. However, lack of this approval or being rejected by their peers may lead to depression. Parents can therefore encourage their teens to build strong relationships with friends to boost their self-image and confidence in the society.

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