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Here Is All The Details Found On The License Card



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The National Teaching Council has commenced issuing license to all professional teachers in the country.

The exercise began in the Greater Accra and is currently ongoing in the Western region of Ghana. The third region to receive the card so far.

As you are aware, every professional teacher is obliged to be licensed by the NTC. So, if you have not registered on the Teacher Portal Ghana yet, kindly do so because you cannot bear the repercussions that may come with it.

For teachers who are yet to receive the card, let me walk you through the details found on the card as a way of satisfying your curiosity.

1. Colour of the card
The card has 3 main colours-white, sea blue and black. However, we can generalize it by saying that it is white.

2. Personal details
The card highlights some personal details of the teacher and they include :
I. Name
II. SSNIT Number
III. Nationality
IV. Registered number (i.e. license number )
V. Category (i.e Basic or senior high)
VI. And portrait picture.

3. Title/name of the card
The card has the inscription; “ REPUBLIC OF GHANA. TEACHER’S LICENSE” boldly written at the centre of the card on the top.

4.Date issue
This is the date you received the card at the collection centre.

5. Expiry date
On the card is also written the expiry date. According to the NTC, the card expires in three (3) years time upon the date of issue. For example, if you received the card on 14/06/2021; the expiry date becomes 14/06/2024.
Note : Once the card expires, you must renew at a fee plus some conditions which we will later discuss here.

6. NTC features
On the card is found the logo of the NTC at the top left corner and the coat of arms of Ghana at the top right corner. In the middle is the title/ name of the card. The same appears at the back of the card.

7. What to do when you find a missing card.
At the back of the card are two important things to take note of.
1. The point of call: The NTC has provided a telephone number and their official website should the card be missing.
2. Anyone who gets hold of a missing card should return it to the nearest Ghana Education Service office or the nearest Police station.

8. What does possessing the card mean?
Having the card means that the NTC certifies that the bearer has been recognized as a certified teacher who qualifies to teach in Ghana. This is written at the back of the card.


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