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Head Teachers Disappointed In GES For Going Against School Performance Contract



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School heads of public basic schools in the Ashanti region have registered their displeasure to the Ghana Education Service for beaching part of the School Performance Contract. The contract was signed somewhere in the second term between the GES and public school heads at the pre-tertiary level of education.

According to part of the agreement which both parties had agreed on, school heads were asked to draw a budget for their schools which would be funded by the GES and the Ministry of Education. The amount agreed per child was GH¢ 8.50.

Surprisingly, GES did not pay the agreed amount but paid a flat amount across many districts and municipals who have received the money. Pictures sighted online show that Primary and Junior High Schools accounts have been credited with only GH¢ 507 and GH¢ 268 respectively.

As a result, the head teachers have been angered by the breach of contract by their employer. In addition to that, they are confused about spending the money or not, since what the GES paid is barely enough to run their respective schools.

Implications of the contract

The Performance Agreement which was signed by the GES and school heads have impacted both positively and negatively on school heads. The positive impact is that school heads have put measures in place to ensure academic activities are carried out on time, supervising teaching and learning during instructional hours has also increased and many more.

The negative impact is that some heads are now putting pressure on teachers to deliver lessons, prepare lesson notes and teaching resources, checking work output of teachers and many more. In addition to that, some school heads are tight-lipped about the details of the contact, hence refuse to give any explanation to their teachers.

Recently, some stakeholders in education are blaming school heads for being the cause of examination malpractices in WASSCE due to the Performance Contract.

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